All of our services are by appointment; call 402-904-4074. While we know emergencies happen, please do not reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. We allow for up to 15 minutes of tardiness before we are obligated to cancel your appointment. In case of tardiness, please call as soon as you can and we will be as cooperative as possible. Services such as nail trims are always available the same day, but please call ahead to reserve the most convenient time. Early drop off, late pick up and anything else outside of regular business hours must be approved prior to your appointment. We do not offer "straight through" or "express" services at this time, but we do make every attempt to work on your pet as quickly as the circumstances allow. We try to accommodate all reasonable special requests. 


Animal control regulations require that your pet is up to date on his or her rabies vaccinations. Prior to grooming, please ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated to your veterinarian's satisfaction. If your pet is responsible for a bite, animal control may ask for proof of your pet's rabies vaccination. As your pet may come into close proximity with other pets, it is also wise to make sure your pet is immunized against distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough. Vaccinations against kennel cough (bordetella vaccination) do not ensure that your pet will never contract the illness, especially if they frequent areas with a high concentration of other animals. Please do not vaccinate within the 72 hours prior to your grooming appointment. 


Fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites are all part of owning an animal. Please ensure your pet is currently on preventative parasite medication as per your veterinarian. Pets with external parasites like fleas or ticks will be treated with a flea and tick shampoo at an additional cost, and all visible parasites will be removed. Information regarding treatment and prevention will be available during check-out. Pets with chronic or persistent parasitic issues may be referred to a vet before being allowed into the salon. 


We pride ourselves on offering a calm environment in which your pet can enjoy a stress-free day. Therefore, pets who are unreasonably disruptive during their stay (e.g. kennel aggression, excessive barking, uncontrollable behavior on the table or in the bathtub, etc.) may be referred elsewhere. It is common for pets to be excited or nervous when they first arrive, so we allow for plenty of time to settle in before we determine if he or she is a good fit. Please ensure your pet is exercised and has gone potty before their appointment, as that can help make them more comfortable. During check-in, please inform us of any health concerns which may relate to grooming such as recent injury or surgery,  joint problems, history of seizures, heart or respiratory issues, or deafness/blindness. Your pet's comfort is our number one priority. In case of emergency, we are located in the same complex as the emergency veterinarian. While an accident or crisis is the very last thing we dream of, they do happen and we are prepared to act with swiftness in the best interest of your pet. 


How long does grooming take? 

Depending on the service, size, coat condition and cooperation of the pet, grooming may take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 or more. We work at the pace with which your pet is comfortable, and if they need extra breaks we are happy to give them. We stagger our schedule so each pet is here for as short a time as is necessary. During check-in, we will discuss your schedule and figure out the best time to be finished. Your pet is allowed to stay until closing if you are unable to pick-up immediately. 

Do you kennel my pet?

Your pet will be kenneled at some point during his or her visit. For the safety of your pet, we do not offer kennel-free services. Your pet will be in a kennel with a grate on the bottom so if they soil, they won't stand in it. Your pet will have access to water while resting in the kennel between different parts of the groom. Please make sure your pet eliminates before the appointment as we do not offer outside potty breaks. 

Do you use heated cage dryers?

Most of our pets are dried by hand, but we do utilize room-temperature air movers to dry some pets. Senior, infirm or nervous dogs are monitored closely during their stay. Hand-drying vulnerable pets is sometimes more stressful than letting them air-dry in a kennel. 

is it okay if my pet is in heat/pregnant/recently gave birth?

We do not recommend grooming for animals who are in heat, pregnant or nursing. Puppies should be weaned and the heat should be finished before we see your pet. 

is it okay if my pet has had surgery/injury/infection recently?

We advise that you seek your veterinarian's explicit permission before having your pet groomed. 

How early should i start grooming my pet?

Early and often! Bring your pet to us within a few weeks of taking him or her home. Grooming should be a regular part of your pet's life, and you should prepare your pet by touching his feet and holding his face as often as possible while giving treats or praise for calm obedience and gently correcting for nippy or fussy behavior. 

Can i stay with my pet/help hold?

Normally, we do not allow you to see or stay with your pet during grooming. 

My pet is matted, do you have to shave him?

We are very skilled at dematting and can nearly always use humane techniques to brush out some matting, but sometimes a pet's coat needs to be shaved off for the health and safety of the pet. We will do a thorough evaluation of the coat during check-in, and give you a realistic idea of what your pet needs before you consent to the service. 

how often should my pet be groomed?

This answer depends on your particular dog. A "wash and go" Labrador Retriever might need a bath twice a year when they get stinky at the lake. A high-maintenance Shih Tzu might need monthly haircuts to keep their long coat tangle-free. During your first visit, we will discuss the appropriate frequency with which you should groom your dog.