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Dog Grooming

     From a quick bath for a stinky pup, to a makeover for an overgrown pooch, we do it all. Each pet is evaluated during their first visit, and together we determine what services best suit the needs of your pet. Our all inclusive prices are based on the size of the dog, coat type/condition and service performed. We use a variety of professional products to achieve the best results for your pet's skin and coat.

 Each dog grooming package includes an ear cleaning/hair removal, toenail trimming/filing, anal gland expression, and a spritz of fresh breath spray and cologne. 

Bath and Brush

  • A thorough bath with a gentle blow-dry and brushing of loose hair and tangles.

Touch-Up Groom

  • This service is designed for a pet that doesn't need an all-over clipped haircut. It includes everything in the bath and brush package, in addition to a light haircut on areas like the face, feet and pads, ears, tail and sanitary area. This is a good "in between" service for regularly maintained dogs.

Full Groom

  • For a pet who needs a makeover! This includes everything in the bath and brush package, and also an all-over haircut of your choice with scissor finish.


  • Nail trimming and filing

  • Ear cleaning/hair removal

  • Pad clipping/feet neatening

  • Face neatening

I have complete faith that I can take them in and tell her to just make them look good and I will get them back looking fabulous. Thanks Nicole! You are the best!!
— -Jen with Snickers, Charlie and Molly
The trio holding still long enough to snap one pic!

The trio holding still long enough to snap one pic!

She treats each dog as her own and is very respectful of you as a dog parent. I would highly recommend her as a groomer and friend to you and your dog!!!
— -Karen with Saber and Radar
What a handsome pair!

What a handsome pair!